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  • Twin Shadow has premiered the Lance Drake-directed video for “I’m Ready” from the new album Eclipse today. Watch it below.

  • Director: Alex Turvey Creative Director: Milan Zrnic

  • I’m excited to share a new song with you called 'Turn Me Up’.

    I think it's important to let people take what they need from songs instead of explaining too much about what they mean for me personally. But my friends keep asking, 'Turn me up', what's that mean? I keep saying, Take more from me. Ask more of me. Give me more back. Stop fighting against the things you want the most.

    I’m surrounded by great people right now, people who are pushing me, like my twin sister Ligia Lewis, my creative director Milan Zrnic, and Alex Turvey, who all worked with me to create the visuals for Turn Me Up. Thanks for turning it up.